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Toza Ibyiza New Generation

PROJECT SUMMARY The project intends to train, nurture and educate the children in order to grow up in God`s values and strengthen a good character (values) in their daily lives in hopes of having a future generation of servants of God; as we are what we consume. The word of God says : Proverbs 22:6 says Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Attractive Children Gospel songs will be released, Gospel messages for children will be shared on their social media platforms created by TOZA IBYIZA NEW GENERATION, such as: Children's youtube channel, Instagram, and others.. Those songs will be promoted so that they can be played in children entertainment places and homes and they will be encouraged by small competitions in their schools; churches and homes. This project will contribute to reduce the love of unnecessary content (Bad movies; bad music; bad videos….) in their mind and create the love of different positive content (gospel) for all chil ...

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Official Name: Uwitonze Clementine
Stage Name: Tonzi
Type: Musician/Singer Gospel
Biography: Uwitonze Clementine known as Tonzi is a Rwandan gospel artist, who has been an artist/singer from the age of five. for more than 30 years she has been in the ministry serving. she was raised in a Christian family and started her singing career in choirs and different singing groups. she later started her solo career where she also collaborated in her 7 Albums with different international and local artists.
Event Name: Rwanda Gospel Stars Live
From: Sun 27 June, 2021 - 08:00, am
To: Sun 19 December, 2021 - 08:00, am
Event Description:
Rwanda Gospel Stars presents a unique contemporary innovation that seeks to discourage the rising migration of young Gospel singers from Gospel to Secular music; while promoting a lifestyle of worship, love, hope, as well as touching lives and lifting God’s name. Building long lasting network between Rwanda Gospel music and private sector

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