Aline Gahongayire

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Mizawadi Ya Africa

MIZAWADI YA AFRICA is a project which aims at raising awareness, listen and speak out against sexual abuse of young girls and boys in our community. The objectives of MIZAWADI YA AFRICA include: • Social integration through support by providing life utilities and helping them to raise their children. • Psychological healing by speaking and listening to them and seeking continual professional support. • Supporting girls’ education and that of their children by facilitating learning and/or obtaining knowledge, skills, values beliefs, and habits this will include paying tuition for them, teaching and training them different social skills and activities, storytelling and discussions.

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Official Name: Aline Gahongayire
Stage Name: Aline Gahongayire
Type: Musician/Singer Gospel
Biography: Born and grew in a family of artists, I began my singing journey at the age of 12. As of today I am 12 year solo artist with more than 10 Albums on the counter with events in different countries. My passion for the social issues impacting my community led me to start an NGO called NDINEZA. As an entrepreneur, I have worked in the field of Marketing and Communication and Fashion for 10 years Now.
Event Name: Rwanda Gospel Stars Live
From: Sun 27 June, 2021 - 08:00, am
To: Sun 19 December, 2021 - 08:00, am
Event Description:
Rwanda Gospel Stars presents a unique contemporary innovation that seeks to discourage the rising migration of young Gospel singers from Gospel to Secular music; while promoting a lifestyle of worship, love, hope, as well as touching lives and lifting God’s name. Building long lasting network between Rwanda Gospel music and private sector

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