Annette Murava

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Gathering Up The Broken Pieces Ministry (gbpm)

This project is based on John 6:12 where Jesus urged His disciples to gather up broken pieces, scattered all over the place after feeding 5,000 people so that nothing is lost. During my christian life, people have benefited from my talent through singing, training in music. Apart from the music aspect, God has granted me with other gifts such as listening, counseling, preaching, and praying and other spiritual gifts. I have been actively exercising all this for quite some time but I lack means to create a space where heartbroken may come and open themselves for healing. I came to realize that there is a lot of people who are going around with wounded hearts and most of the time not finding trustworthy people who can listen to them and understand them. These are found in all groups of the society. Some have been wounded by fellow Christians, family members, or close friends. Others have lost hope because they don’t have any shoulder on which they can rely on. Their depression and despair sometimes may be so d ...

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Official Name: Annette Murava
Stage Name: Annette Murava
Type: Musician/Singer Gospel
Biography: Annette Murava is a born-again Christian female, member of the Living Church of Jesus Christ where she exercises actively as a gospel singer and writer, an intercessor, as well as a leader of diverse church committees. Wherever she passed, either in schools, in choirs or in the community, Annette Murava is known for her commitment, her deep Christian life, her empathy and resilience. She lives with her family in Kigali city.
Event Name: Rwanda Gospel Stars Live
From: Sun 27 June, 2021 - 08:00, am
To: Sun 19 December, 2021 - 08:00, am
Event Description:
Rwanda Gospel Stars presents a unique contemporary innovation that seeks to discourage the rising migration of young Gospel singers from Gospel to Secular music; while promoting a lifestyle of worship, love, hope, as well as touching lives and lifting God’s name. Building long lasting network between Rwanda Gospel music and private sector

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