Gisele Precious

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Girl Power Initiative

Girl Power initiative is a passion that I developed to help girls rise and strengthen them for different challenges they face. My plan is to find talented girls out there, help them through directing their talents into the right channels like mentorship in order to reach a level where they can climb in the industry and strive. Some of the requirements needed are a media house that can be able to produce both audio and video, a playground and a theater that will be able to host events. I have already started raising some by forming a band that is now very known in the gospel industry(the Anointed band) however I need more support.

More Information

Official Name: Gisele Nsabimana
Stage Name: Gisele Precious
Type: Musician/Singer Gospel
Biography: Girl Power Initiative
Event Name: Rwanda Gospel Stars Live
From: Sun 27 June, 2021 - 08:00, am
To: Sun 19 December, 2021 - 08:00, am
Event Description:
Rwanda Gospel Stars presents a unique contemporary innovation that seeks to discourage the rising migration of young Gospel singers from Gospel to Secular music; while promoting a lifestyle of worship, love, hope, as well as touching lives and lifting God’s name. Building long lasting network between Rwanda Gospel music and private sector

Support with:

RWF 100 RWF 200 RWF 500 RWF 1,000 RWF 2,000 RWF 5,000 Other